About me and IBCLC

About me and IBCLC

About me:  I’m Catherine Wightman, a board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC).  I spent seven years volunteering as a breastfeeding support person.  After eight years as a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), I completed my education to qualify for the exam through IBLCE.  Volunteering in my local community showed me how much we need breastfeeding help.   As a lactation consultant in private practice, I can offer the type of support you need to meet your own goals for breastfeeding.

I am pictured above with my oldest child… tired, in love, and totally overwhelmed… perhaps you can relate?

Lack of information or resources make you may feel that you do not have a choice in how you feed your child.  You have a right to choice. Informed decisions are the right of all parents.   Breast For All, LLC is a baby and parent friendly Lactation Consulting Practice.   I am here to cheer on, coach, and celebrate you as you choose healthy feeding options for your child.

The Guiding Vision of Breast For All, LLC is this:  I support parents so they truly have the choice to breastfeed.  Your choice should not be made by the barriers in your way.  Our communities deserve a culture of acceptance for mothers, fathers, and families caring for themselves and their newest child in a healthy way.  Whether your choice is full or partial breastfeeding, we can all be kind to each other as we learn and grow.


An IBCLC is an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  Only a lactation consultant who has passed the board exam may call herself an IBCLC.  IBCLC denotes years of preparation and rigorous examination in the field of lactation/breastfeeding support.  IBCLCs study rigorously and put in years of clinical training in order to support parents with basic and beyond basic breastfeeding concerns.

More about Breast For All, LLC

Visit us on Facebook for posts about local breastfeeding resources.  Practice events and updates will be posted periodically as well.  I post several times a month about topics of interest to new parents and you may enjoy reading while you are home with your newest family member.


Proudly serving Livingston, Allegany, Steuben, and parts of Genesee, Monroe, Ontario, and Yates counties.